Player Reviews for Zorro Slot Game

Zorro Slot is a game adapted from Zorro the movie. It starred Antonio Banderas, Anthony Hopkins, and Catherine Zeta-Jones. First glance at the game and you cannot differentiate it from the film. That is how good the graphics on the game are.

It has become a “thing” for slot game developers to base them on movie and television themes. Movie-themed slot games make it appealing to the younger crowd.

Interestingly enough, some of these games can also be played without internet connection. They are made for the pleasure of the player. Whether connected or not, they make for good entertainment.

Many times, for someone to have a sense of the quality and feel of something, they always resort to reading other users’ reviews. The same applies here.

We scoured for some reviews, especially from today’s young Zorro Slot players.

They mentioned what they liked and did not like about the game. Most of the players’ comments were positive.

We have Hajnrih from Macedonia who played the game for the first time. He goes on to regretfully say he does not know why he did not play it again. According to him, he had a splendid time playing the game. He especially loved the frequent appearance of wild which aided him in winning.

He ended his review by saying, “Zorro is a video slot game that is worth playing. There is no big excitement in the base game but the wins are regular, so they are making up for it.”

Raptordinos from Colombia echoed Hajnrih sentiments. Raptordinos said, “As you can imagine this game is entertaining…”

All in all, both these players seemed to have a great time playing the game. They enjoyed the excellent graphical display of the game, its features that increased their chances of winning and the amount of pay-out available.

Every bonus round offered in the match gets triggered at different stages of the game. The triggers ensure the player does not have downtime when playing.