Other Casino Slots Games inspired From Movie and Television Heroes

The following are the casino slot games inspired from heroes featured in films and television shows. They might be your average cartoon character or a weapon-wielding character out to save the world.

In Zorro slots machine game, the main character was a sword-wielding hero who wore a black mask to hide his identity. He was a local town hero as he fought for the justice of his people. The game is characterised by the inclusion of key players in the Zorro franchise.

Let us have a look at some of the movie and television heroes themed slot game:

Game of Thrones Online Slot Game

GoT had to be on this list as one of the most watched television shows today, there was going to be a slot game in its honour. The game was created by a company called Microgaming who offer two gameplay. The four houses each have distinct multipliers and free spins, and you are guaranteed a great gaming experience thanks to its visuals and audio.

Scarface Online Slot Game

Scarface is one slot game that the older generation will appreciate. It is based on the timeless movie with a character known as Tony Montana played by Al Pacino, Scarface. The slot game was created by NetEnt who worked with Universal Studios to give an authentic feel to the game by including clips and audio from the movie. Its RTP floats on 97% with a win of 2,000. The famous phrase, “Say hello to my little friend” is a bonus feature in the game that allows you to shoot gangsters.

Family Guy Online Slot Game

This rather mature cartoon character has its own slot game. Family Guy created by IGT Gaming, garnered a huge following from many casino players. It features all the beloved characters in the cartoon who maintain their sounds and characteristics in the slot game. One of the features you will come across is The Chicken Fight Bonus Game, and you stand a chance to win huge jackpots.