A Comparison Between Zorro Slot and Iron Man 2 Slot Games

Zorro is a great television, movie and book character whose heroic acts have prompted the creation of one of the most played slot machine game today.

Zorro Slots is a game that has made its way to the online platform from the land casinos that it brought accessibility to match the players with their hands and homes. Players can play for pure fun, or they can play to win some cash.

In its pure essence, the Zorro Slots game maintains the actual identity of Zorro who is the main character of the franchise. He wears a mask, carries a sword and has his own cape and hat.

Keeping to Aristocrats’ way of gaming, Zorro Slots maintains the symbols found in playing cards and also incorporates other Zorro franchise characters such as Monstario and Juliana.

Zorro slot’s gameplay stands out because of its jackpot that reaches a comfortable 5,000 coins. On each spin, a player can win a cool $25,000.

The game’s feature round is important as it holds the ultimate betting power for a player. When activated, the reel will add the word ZORRO replacing some cards used for playing. When a player spells out the word in full, the player gets to play five more games.

Iron Man 2 Slot Game

Same as Zorro Slots, Iron Man 2 is a game about a hero played by Tony Stark in many comic books, television shows, and movies created by Playtech.

A Marvel Comic Book character, here, a player needs to aim for four jackpots which they have to find by unraveling a symbol on a square with 20 grids. If the player is able to match three symbols, he is rewarded.

Just like in Zorro Slots, the hero can win big. Tony Stark can fetch you a cool 1,000 coins whereas his friends like the Black Widow can fetch a player 600 coins. Lining up Vanko, the villain earns the player 400 coins. Stack up your wild symbols which stand to double your winnings.