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We are a website dedicated to the preservation of the iconic television, book and movie hero, Legend of Zorro through casino games found both online and on land-based casinos around the world.

Zorro Slot Machines created by Aristocrat who put together a fun and interactive game which included beloved characters such as Zorro himself, Juliana, Tornado the horse and the villain Monastario.

We purpose to make the game as realistically engaging and fun as the movies, and television shows were. It will give the players who are conversant with Zorro a time of their lives as they play the game.

Combining signature features of the main character such as his sword, the black mask and cape he wears and his bullwhip; we make sure that what Zorro is known for, i.e., his fencing style, the symbolic Z and the use of his whip are incorporated in the game.

There are some exciting facts about the television and movie adaptations of Zorro that fans of Zorro Slots might find fascinating. For one, the popular outlaw has been around since the late 1910s.

The different adaptations of the television shows and the movies always depict Zorro in different light. He acts as a mentor, a lover, an avenger and a fighter for people’s rights.

It is no wonder that Aristocrat thought it a brilliant idea to create a slot game. This Zorro themed game has become the favourite for many slot game players around the globe. There are also a lot of superhero themed slots. Which is fun on another level.

It does not veer away from the character. Everything you see in the television is what you get in the game. Be ready to be entertained thoroughly while winning.